Innocent Havyarimana

CEO & Founder, GLAP Enterprises

Innocent Havyarimana, 39, is a Burundian who has been living in Kakuma camp from May 2013. He is the CEO and Founder at GLAP Enterprises (A Soap manufacturing company). He left his home country in 2013 as Burundi was falling into a dark period of instability. 

He is passionate about community empowerment and refugees’ self-reliance, through job creation, training and mentoring the community in soap making business. Before founding GLAP Enterprises which is a successful soap manufacturing enterprise and training others, Innocent was a chemist in his home country Burundi. Innocent’s vision is to see high numbers of refugees and host community become self-reliant and owning their businesses using local materials, through training, leading and mentoring other business community members.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Communication from Southern Northern Hampshire University.

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