Magdalene Maluta

R&D Engineer, ARC Ride

Magdalene Maluta is a dynamic and passionate young female engineer with a mission to drive change in the world of African youth and technology. Hailing from Nairobi, Kenya, and with a background in Mechanical Engineering, she is at the forefront of leading the Electric mobility revolution in her country and in the continent. Her incredible work has made headlines in ‘The Business Daily Africa’ newspaper and a global technology magazine ‘IEEE Spectrum’. Miss Maluta describes her current role at ARC Ride Kenya Limited as a Research and Development Engineer as intriguing, stimulating and fulfilling. She combines her technical acumen with a forward-thinking approach to solve problems in her day to day tasks. She is not only an accomplished engineer, but also a dedicated advocate for harnessing the potential of African youth. Her voice resonates with countless young minds, igniting their curiosity and ambition. She has risen above all barriers and proven that African youth, especially girls can drive innovative changes and place Africa’s future in the right direction. Join Magdalene Maluta as she takes the stage to discuss the transformative potential when African youth get behind the wheel of technology and innovation. Her insights and experiences will undoubtedly inspire and empower the next generation of African leaders

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